Sunday, October 21, 2007


Wow it has been an exhausting weekend. I had a ton of stuff on my list to do but still didn't finish it all. Saturday I let Seth watch tv a little late while I got ready to go out for the day. Then we set off for some furniture shopping (big sale) and I planned to take the boys to pick out pumpkins. There's a really cool farm out in Thomson that has a petting zoo, cornfield maze (with a scaled-down sized one for the little ones), and a pumpkin patch. Well, we found a new couch and then headed home for lunch and naps. Dave woke up in the middle of nap time with severe stomach pain and so we scrapped the trip to Thomson and went to the ER instead. After that I dropped Dave off at home to get some sleep and I threw the kids back in the car and did a Walmart run for gatorade and gingerale, among other things.

Today was a blur. I tried to make it to church, but the shower and getting ready part just wasn't happening with the kids this morning. Once we finally did get ready, we went for a walk outside (gorgeous day) and found a playground a few blocks away. Then it was back home for lunch and naps (haha, yeah that didnt happen) and then out again to the mall to shop for fall/winter clothes for the boys. I got some great deals, and attempted at a lap or two through the shoe section but that was stretching their patience a bit. (we'll try another day). Then we came home for some Dora the Explorer, and baths and bed. In between all that I cleaned the boys' room, did about 6 loads of laundry (but folded about 10), cleaned the floors in the living room and hallways, vacuumed out the couch and did a load of dishes.

The closest I got to crocheting anything was the purchasing of some cool yarn during the Walmart trip, so that was a little disappointing, but now that the laundry is out of the way maybe my work load this week will allow for some extra time for a project. Physically, my body is achey and tired from this weekend anyone who as ever gone furniture shopping alone with two small children an attest to what an exhausting potential nightmare it can be......and I'm almost looking forward to the work week for some rest. Oh, and Dave is feeling much better now.