Friday, June 27, 2008

WW Weeeeeeee!

This week I tried to mix it up a little. I planned a different variety of foods to make meals more exciting. So, it made it easier to stay motivated throughout the week, even though I felt a little more hungry than usual.

And the results??? drumroll please....... 3.8lbs!!!!

*** happy dance****

AND, I have now officially lost over 10% of my starting weight!! I got my Weight Watchers official 10% keychain

PS: A few days, I broke from my points and ate a little more. I felt like I was dragging, tired, weak, shakey.... like I wasn't getting enough. I think it's important to pay attention to your body and what it's telling you even when your focus is to pay attention to the points. If I hadn't eaten a little more those days I probably would've lost even more than 3.8. To me, that's almosts too much weight loss. Overall, you have to look at the average lbs you're losing. Over the last 4 weeks I've lost an average of 1.9 lbs, which is perfectly healthy.

Good Morning All!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

By the power vested in me through the Clorox company, I now pronounce my refrigerator CLEAN.

You may eat the food.

Note to Self

NOT planning energy burning activities and just hanging around the house makes little boys spin around in circles and drive you crazy.


This weekend has been very laid-back and uneventful for the most part. Instead of getting up and going out and off to the park or swimming or some other energy burning activity, we stayed home and hung out. I got a lot of chores done, and left the boys to entertain themselves for once (it worked some of the time). Now that John is older, the gap in age (developmentally) is less a hinderance to their playtime together. So, it has been interesting watching them, and extremely satisfying to hear their laughter from the other room.

Their favorite brotherly activity.... jumping on the couch cushins.

Saturday, June 21, 2008


Down 1.4 more.

I missed last week's meeting and weigh-in. Instead I went in early to work to try to make up the hours lost while John was sick. So, my 1.4 is actually for 2 weeks. But I'll take it! I've been really bad about journaling and have just tried to keep track of the points in my head. It still works, but only because I've been eating the SAME stuff generally throughout the week. So, I know that by eating it I am staying within my points range. Problem is I've been eating the SAME stuff throughout the week, and it's getting.....really....boring.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Father's Day

Sunday we got up and went to church. I had the todder room and had lots of fun playing with them.

In the afternoon Dave, as every Sunday afternoon, went to hang with some friends. So the boys and I had a great opportunity to get ready for Father's Day. Seth picked out a Batmobile for his Daddy and I picked out a new keyboard and mouse. My goal was to clean out and organize our spare bedroom ( aka. the junk room) so that Dave can relax and enjoy a nice clean desk while he's on the computer. It didnt go exactly as planned.

In order to organize the piles of stuff to take to Goodwill I needed some boxes. In order to get the boxes I needed to empty the ones I had yet to unpack from when we moved in (last Sept) that were still in our bedroom.

So, I spent several hours trying to figure out what to do with our stuff. Most of it was my old Army uniforms that I never unpacked because I had no clue what to do with. So, I went back down memory lane with my old old uniforms from basic training....still stiff with starch. My maternity uniforms from California when I had Seth. My first set of new ACUs. I hate to throw it all out....but I have no use for it now.... even with the weight loss I don't fit into most of them anymore. I saved a few things that I think will fit just in case I need them for extras when I go up to Ft. Jackson next month.

Otherwise, after 3 hours I managed to have totally reorganized my bedroom. Boxes emptied and clothes put away. John was so nice to take a superlong nap for Mommy.

Then I started on the spare bedroom but didn't get all that far. Seth was bored and John woke up. At least I was productive and the Goodwill boxes are ready to be picked up. Anyways, long story short.... Dave came home and we ate a nice dinner. He was happy to have the boxes in our room gone and excited to test out his new gadgets. We both called our Dads to tell them we love them. Then we crashed and went to sleep.


This weekend was fairly a usual weekend for our family.
Friday was payday thank God, because we had practically nothing but frozen veggies in our fridge. So Sat morning we rose and got out early for our grocery shopping. I took the boys out for breakfast and then we headed to Walmart for supplies.

After naptime I took the boys to the Aquatics Center for some time to swim. It was the first time we had been anywhere with a diving board, so I thought it would be interesting to see what Seth would do. The boy has NO fear; he just went right out and jumped off. He wanted to go off the tall one too, but I wasn't ready for that.

John has recovered from his virus and ear infection, and has gained his appetite back, and then some! The child ate more than I did for dinner tonight. He is starting to like swimming a little more too. His hair has gone through a growth spurt of sorts and he's starting to get a little baby mullet (which almost makes me tempted to give it a trim).

The rest of Saturday was filled with laundry (I'm finally using the clothesline...yay!). And more laundry. After dinner I took the boys out for ice cream on the way to the park (yay photo opportunities!). Though, I'm not sure I was thinking so straight on that one..... it kinda slipped my mind that John has never had an ice cream cone.

Seth picked out a slushie instead of ice cream.

And the boys played off the sugar before heading for home and bed.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Friday, June 13, 2008

Water Babies

Last Saturday I promised Seth I'd take him swimming after naptime. Little did I know that the Aquatics club closes at 3pm on Saturdays, and the Y does not allow non-members to go and just pay a few bucks to use the pool. So, we borrowed our neighbors pool and did the best we could. Thank goodness we had the birthday party on Sunday! Anyhow, here they are trying to stay cool.

Seth is my water baby for sure! He has no fear even in a few inches. Here he is doing some spiderman leaps.

John wasn't so impressed with the water. He went and got the other pool without water to sit in. Or maybe it's because his big brother took up all the room. Anyhow, John decided he' d rather sit in the shade.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

So I haven't been motivated much to write lately. I'd love to blame it on my lack of comments, but overall I just haven't been feeling all that inspired. My plain old life just keeps chugging along as usual.

Good Morning!

John is sick again with another ear infection on top of the Hand, Food and Mouth virus that (I think) he got when we went swimming at the YMCA on Sunday afternoon. But who knows, because Seth didn't get sick. So, I (oh shucks) get to stay home for the next few days keeping John comfortable while the virus takes its course. He really wants to eat but it hurts to, and so he's super fussy and cries no matter what I do. Poor baby. Exhausted Mommy.

Seth started swim lessons this week at the Y. His preschool buses the kids over to the Y for the lesson. So now I don't have to drag Seth up in the morning because he knows he gets to go swim. He LOVES to swim, but is not quite ready to let go of his floaty. This past Sunday we were invited to a birthday party at the outdoor water park at the Y and spent the mid-afternoon (in 100 degree heat) there having fun. Last year we had a membership and went swimming all the time. This year I sure do miss it! (But who can afford it with gas prices?!?) After the party Dave took Seth to see Kung Foo Panda (eh, just ok).

Seth is starting to say more grown-up things like....I like your shirt Mom, is it new? Where did you get it?. Which to me is grown up for him because he doesn't usually pay attention to anything outside of Seth, much less know about department stores. He is also learning more etiquite like... how you have to be invited to someone's house before you can go in it. And he is very thoughtful. Every morning when we leave the house for school Seth runs across the street and picks out a pretty leaf or flower for me, because "Girls get pretty things."


As for me nothing much new to report. Last week I went into a rut with weight watchers. After I got my orders from the Army I thought Screw WW! If I lose any more weight that will just make the Army want me MORE right? So maybe I should be GAINING weight? Hehehe. After John's DR appt today I decided to treat him to a milkshake to make his throat feel better (and to kill time until my appt, which just happened to be scheduled for today too). Well, John fell asleep while we were sitting in the drive-thru waiting for the shake. What was I to do? Wake a baby for a sugar high? Let the deliciousness of a Chick-Fil-A milkshake go to waste???
Well, despite my bad attitude last week (and waves of it this week) I did repent of it and still managed to weigh-in 2.4lbs less. That plus the 1.2 from the week before puts me now at 15.6lbs lost so far. On Friday and Sat evening Dave watched the kids after dinner so that I could get some Carolyn time. I bought some new capris and a couple new shirts that fit much better now. I am officially borderline between the ladies and womens sizes, so it took me FOREVER to find the right fit. My lower half is still in the Women's sizes, but I'll get it all back down to the ladies soon (I hope).

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Dave and I are doing better. The idea of what's to come has settled in and we already have plans set in place the next few months... at least until we know for sure whether I will be deployed or not. I am feeling optimistic that I will not be deployed, whether it's denial or not... for now it has reduced my stress level and anxiety.

Our boys, Seth in particular, could obviously sense our stress and knew something was going on. Seth has been extremely sensitive and emotional... crying at the drop of a hat.... etc. Obviously he is coping with the stress in his own way. We have begun talking to him about it a little bit, but will break it out a little at a time so we are sure he understands. In the meantime we are chugging along in the usual way.

A spot in Seth's preschool finally opened up in John's age group, so he started his new class on Monday. The transition was great. He walked right in like he'd been there all along. And he is already he proved today after dinner when I picked up a penny he was playing with and he grabbed it back and said, "MINE!"