Tuesday, September 30, 2008

No News

At the risk of jinxing myself, I will tell you that I have not yet heard back from the Army on the exemption case.

A few weeks ago I updated my new address and contact information with them, and last week I received a new set of orders in the mail. It was simply an ammendment to the first one with my updated address and a new report date of Nov 2nd.

It has now been over 2 months since I submitted the request for exemption. My case manager stated that currently the back-log for medical cases was 2 months, but I don't know if that means they won't begin reviewing and/or investigating my case for 2 months (which could take some time), or if that means that it takes about 2 months for them to get back to me on the decision. I just don't know. And frankly at this point I just don't really want to know anymore. NOT knowing means that I can stay here in my little bubble and just enjoy my family.

I could call my case manager and check with him, but I'm not going to. If my case has already been decided and is sitting at the bottom of a stack of files on someone's desk, then I'd rather not have him go and pull it to the top of the stack. Today, my ignorance is bliss.... because tomorrow it might be sorrow.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Firsts, Part 3.

First Hair Cut, 19 mos.


Bye Bye Mullet

He may not look too happy in this picture, but he didn't cry one bit.

Daddy made silly faces so he would hold still.

Ta DA!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Firsts, Part 2.

I wanted to post these pictures in my last post, but I had to wait for access to Mom's camera.
First School Bus ride

First Day of School Birthday Celebration.

The girl sitting next to Seth is Sara (they're married).
He refused to smile for this picture...Mom and Dad are SO Embarrasing!!

Class B4
Here he's showing everyone he's 5!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Firsts, Part 1.

The first of our firsts is the first day of school.

Seth was super brave and got on that school bus without a second thought. Here we are waiting for the bus.

Kindergarden started on Sept 5th, just 2 days after Seth's 5th birthday. So, his teacher Mr. Siuta suggested we bring cupcakes in for the class. Dave and I were super excited to visit his school on the first day and get a glimpse him. I would've loved to be a fly on the wall that day. We passed out cupcakes that Seth had helped me bake the night before, sang, and Seth got to wear a birthday boy hat all day.

But when we went to take some pictures Seth was quite embarrased. It was the first time I'd ever seen him express this new emotion toward us. So....another first for us. The first of many many many times to come.

Surprise!!! I'm BACK!

Hello friends and family! It's good to be back. I have lots to share about the going-ons of our household. I'm going to try to spread it out over the week so you don't get bombarded with everything all at once. First....some pictures.

Friday, September 5, 2008

I'm Not Alone Anymore

So, I don't mean to neglect ya'll my bloggy friends. Life has been pretty busy, and I have lots of pictures and stories to share. Once of the nicest things about living right now is that I am not so alone anymore. I used to sit and write my blogs after the kids went to bed and Dave went off to work for the night or on the weekend while he slept. I spent a lot of time by myself (children not included). But lately with Dave and my parents and the boys all home I have found that I desire to blog less and enjoy people more. So yay for that.