Saturday, October 13, 2007

How Ironic

You know that frase, "You know you'll find your keys the moment you replace them right?" Right...well. Today I finally went to Walmart armed with my husband's set of keys and had it all copied(2 sets this time), and I bought new locks for the doors ($30) to change those too. Then I came home and while the boys napped I broke a nail or two replacing the locks and woke my landlord up from her nap to give her sets of the new keys. Not two hours later I dropped the remote in the side cushion of the couch and didn't feel it so I pushed back the cushion and looked down in there and what do I see? Well....I'm sure you can figure it out. Honestly I looked in every corner of the house for those things and wouldn't they have to be in the most obvious place ever!


Anonymous said...

Like father, like daughter!!!!
You lived with me long enough to know that if I lost anything, it was in my recliner.
LOL!!! Dad

Emily said...

Wow, that stinks!!! Once in high school I lost my ID card (had to have that in Germnay!). It was a big ordeal to get it replaced, of course, and that same week, I found my old one under my bed in a folder! Grrr.....

Now Erik's lost his wedding ring for about 3 months now. Even w/ a move across the country, we just KNOW that as soon as we get a new one, the old one will reappear!

Hope you have a good week!! And that Murphey's Law doesn't bother you anymore!