Wednesday, October 10, 2007

More Birthday Pictures

Time for some SuperCake! Seth and Gabriel can't wait for a piece!

Then they go outside to burn that extra sugar. Here is Superman, Spiderman and the Red Power Ranger climbing the Spiderman house.

With Isaiah jumping on the trampoline...Watch out bad guys! SuperSeth swinging to rescue you!

The grown-ups had fun too! Here is Ashley in pink and Charity holding Naomi.

And of course the gentlemen huddled in the corner to exchange recipes. Nick(left) Dave and Josh(right).
Finally, Brenya enjoying some delicious treats.


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Seth! Looks like a great party. A lot of work for mom. I am totally impressed by the cake!

Amie said...

Oh what fun! I am so sorry we missed it.

HAPPY big 4 Seth!