Sunday, April 20, 2008

Bubble Gutts Revisited

Thurday afternoon I got another call to come pick up John...more bubble gutts. And this time since he was sent home in the afternoon, he wasn't allowed to return on Friday. I know his last canine is pushing its way up, but this bubble gutts seems to be a recurring problem.

Last week i read this blog that discussed the organic vs. regular milk debate, as milk prices climb. It was mentioned that the hormones and additives in non-organic milk can irritate asthma and respiratory problems in kids.

It occurred to me that all John's respiratory issues began around the same time we switched to formula. I know it's just a theory.... but between the asthma and the bubble gutts it made me wonder if John has a milk allergy of some sort. So now I am experimenting with different kinds of milk. Right now we're trying lactose free milk. His gutts are a little better and I don't think he'll get sent home tomorrow, but ultimately I won't really know if it's really working until that last tooth finally breaks through.

I realize that the status of my child's gutts is just SO incredibly exciting for you all, so of course I will keep you updated on the milk experiment.


Emily said...

james' digestive issues started when he weaned too. milk allergy/intolerance is a real thing and somewhat easily remedied. Lactose-free milk still has the dairy component that allergic kids are reacting to, so soy milk would be better to see if that's what's really going on. And it can take up to two weeks on a complete dairy-free diet for dairy to process out. But if it were the cause you would probably see an improvement. Just saying if you want to try an elimination diet with dairy, you have to give it 2 weeks to process out, and then a week or two more and then start adding it in gradually to see if that's what's going on. It can make a huge difference in some kids, so you are probably on to something!